Haino Teko G10 Max Smart Watch (3 Straps in 1)

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Haino Teko Germany G10 Max Smart Watch Golden Edition A luxurious smartwatch with advanced features and convenient functionality.




The Haino Teko Germany G10 Max Smart Watch Golden Edition is a stylish and sophisticated smartwatch that is packed with features. It has a stunning golden finish, an "Always on Display" feature, and NFC Access Control, Body Temperature Measurement, AlI Voice Assistant, Atmospheric Pressure Monitoring, Fast wireless Charging.


A touch of luxury with its gold finish


This smartwatch is made with premium materials and has a sleek, well-crafted design. It is the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether you are dressing up for a night out or just going about your day.


Stay up-to-date with "Always on Display"


The "Always on Display" feature ensures that the screen remains visible at all times, even when not actively in use. This allows you to easily glance at the watch face and access important information without having to wake up the device.


NFC Access Control


This smartwatch boasts NFC Access Control, allowing you to easily and conveniently unlock doors and access other NFC-enabled devices.


Body Temperature Measurement


With its built-in body temperature sensor, this smartwatch can help you track your health and wellness.


AlI Voice Assistant


This smartwatch features AlI Voice Assistant, so you can use your voice to control your device and access a variety of features.


Atmospheric Pressure Monitoring


This smartwatch can track atmospheric pressure, which can be helpful for weather forecasting and tracking your performance at different altitudes.


Fast wireless Charging


The G10 Max supports fast wireless charging, so you can quickly and easily power up your device.


Three Straps included, Compatibility - Android and iOS


This smartwatch comes with three interchangeable straps, so you can customize your look. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.


You Can Enjoy Games On Your Wrist


This smartwatch has built-in games that you can play on your wrist.


High Capacity Battery, It will Give you Long Time


This smartwatch has a high capacity battery that will give you long-lasting power.


Bluetooth Call and Smart Notification You Will Get in Your Hand


This smartwatch can make and receive Bluetooth calls, and it can also display notifications from your smartphone.


Multiple Standby Watch Faces and also You Can Make Your Own


This smartwatch comes with a variety of standby watch faces, and you can also create your own.


In addition to the above, the Haino Teko Germany G10 Max Smart Watch Golden Edition also features:


    • A heart rate monitor


    • A sleep tracker


    • A fitness tracker


    • A built-in GPS


    • A music player


Package Dimension (W, H, L ) in cm1.5 x 5 x 5"


This smartwatch comes with a charging pad, guide, and three straps.

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